Uploading gifs to Facebook natively

Native gif uploading for Facebook

Uploading gifs to Facebook natively has finally arrived for business pages! No third party linking required. All you need is to create your usual organic posts using the normal Facebook page status updates (tested only on desktop). Here’s how:

  1. Click and drag your gif as you would an image or regular video into your regular post update box. Alternately, click on the Camera/Photo upload icon and select your gif file.
  2. Add some text to accompany your gif. Treat it like a regular update.
  3. Click on Publish or if you’re a bit nervous, “Save as Draft.”
  4. Facebook will show you that your video is being processed. Refresh the page or check in your drafts, depending on where you save.
  5. Watch your GIF come to life natively.

A few things to note:

  • There is no preview for your gif before you press “Publish” or “Save as draft”. You’ll see just the film icon that indicates a video file is there.
  • If you upload it via the “Select File from PC” option instead of drag and drop, Facebook treats it like a video. You can actually title your gif and give it a description to make it searchable
  • Yes, this means Facebook now supports uploading gif natively and you will no longer need to upload it to a third party site like Giphy anymore.

Yes, this is very unintuitive, I know.

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