Hello Productivity Alchemy people!

Hello! If you’re here from Productivity Alchemy, welcome!

I don’t know what else to say except that in the space between talking with Kevin and the episode going live, there’s a few things I feel I need to update (hahaha).

I have stepped into the world of fountain pen inks. Right now my primaries are both Japanese inks – specifically the Kyo-Iro series. I am in love with the Flaming Red of Fushimi and the Soft Snow of Ohara. Will probably do a more in-depth review of the inks when I am writing more.

I have also added the Pilot Juice Up pens to my arsenal, though these are mainly the Metallics and the Pastel range, both of which show up wonderfully on black paper. These are some of the things I picked up at a recent Bookfair (book fairs tend to be a mix of stationery and other things being sold, it’s wild).

Haul at Popular Book Fair

Thanks for dropping by!


March 2017 Updates

Whee, this is the first post for this brand new site! March 2017 is shaping up to be a rather exciting month, and I’ve got two big announcements!

First, my super short flash fiction piece, Desperate Magic is being published in the inaugural Flash Fiction Magazine on Amazon! It has 50 super short stories written by 50 different authors, and I hope you will enjoy them all as I did.

My second announcement also relates to short stories; the Pulp Toast/Roti Bakar team will be attending the All-In! Young Writers Festival 2017 happening at *Scape this 10 -12 March, 2017! Join us for a “Snackable Fiction” session at 10am to 11am on Saturday, March 11 to learn more about writing snackable, bite-sized fiction.

I’ll also be moderating the “Life’s Guilty Pleasures” panel on the same day, but from 1.10pm to 2pm, which will explore using words to sell concepts and products featuring Zalora’s Head of Content, Joyce Chua, and Walter Panganiban, the Corporate Affairs Manager of Mead Johnson Nutrition Philippines.

You can get tickets here or follow the hashtag #ALLINSG2017 on Twitter and Facebook. See you there!