About Patricia

Brief Background

Patricia Pinto is a copywriter based in Malaysia. She spends most of her waking hours writing ad copy and strategising content direction at her day job. In her free time, she writes stories, mentors new writers and offers voice-over services.

She’s also a founding member of the Malaysian writing collective Prose-ACK! and a contributing member to the Pulp Toast/Roti Bakar zine.

Writing Collectives:


About Prose-ACK!

Founded in 2014 for the inaugural CAFKL (Comic Art Festival Kuala Lumpur), Prose-ACK! began as a lark between DMJewelle and Patricia to start selling our stories. Two chapbooks were sold; Chapters One by Patricia and Tales Of Vaticanny Palace by DMJewelle.

Chap Fan Cover

Prose-ACK! expanded its membership in 2015 with the inclusion of Enzen, Tangibilia, and GanaeshD. The second edition of Prose-ACK! was the chapbook Chap Fan, which was a play of words indicating:

  • The mixed nature of the poems offered within, which was not unlike the mixed offerings of your regular economy rice stall (pronounced “zhap fun”)
  • Our tagline “Buy our Chap Book and be our Chap Fan!”

This book also saw the beginning of an international partnership with Singaporean writers, giving birth to the collective known as Pulp Toast / Roti Bakar which sells “Snackable fiction for entertainment on-the-go.”

About Pulp Toast / Roti Bakar

Born of a collaboration between Singapore and Malaysia, Pulp Toast / Roti Bakar is a semi-annual zine featuring “snackable fiction on the go.” It features a wide range of stories that may or may not be interconnected, with a different theme each year.

Pulp Toast Charlotte Tang

In 2015, the theme was A Roll of the Dice. Two stories by Patricia appeared, A Day In The Life of Charlotte Tang and Betcha Can’t Stop At One.

In 2016, the theme is Beyond the Page and the story is Chimera Twin, continuing the adventures of Charlotte Tang and her family.

You can find Pulp Toast #1 online at selected ebook retailers. For physical copies, please contact the Pulp Toast Facebook Page for more information.