WordPress and Google Docs Integration

Several weeks ago, WordPress broke news that they had a Google Docs add-on that would allow you to send your drafts right to your blog. This was big news, especially since Google Docs killed the “Post to Website” function back in 2010 (leading indirectly to the rise of Social Media but that’s another story).

So hearing that it was back got me excited. Of course the first thing I did upon waking the computer was to add the Google Docs add-on and then… nada. It kept asking me to log in when trying to authenticate the Google Docs WordPress plugin to the point I just gave up. I even managed to trigger my WordPress’ “are you human?” security check. All this was happening while I was technically still logged into my site!

After two days and an annoyed review later, I sent in a support request. Thanks to timezone differences, it took me about 2 weeks to fix the issue, and it’s actually a very simple one.

Solving Google Docs WordPress Login Loop

  1. Deactivate all plugins except Jetpack.
  2. Disconnect Jetpack by going to Left Sidebar > Jetpack > Scroll down > Disconnect Jetpack text link.
  3. Refresh. Follow the steps to RECONNECT Jetpack. Visit http://wordpress.com/sites to verify your new site is there.
  4. Go to Google Docs > Add-Ons > Get More Add-Ons (if you have not already installed the WordPress.com For Google Docs Add-on) > WordPress > Open. You should see a “Draft to WordPress” bar on your right.
  5. Tap “Add WordPress Site”
  6. Follow the instructions.
  7. ???
  8. Profit!

It’s actually a very straightforward fix but it just didn’t occur to me because I was doing it one step at a time and not connecting the link between steps 1 and 2. We’ll probably see how it handles media later. But yes, thank you Carolyn S. for helping me!

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