Providing copywriting & voiceover services

Since 2015

In a nutshell

I’m a digital copywriter with over ten years’ experience, with a focus on helping clients compile, organise and present their best foot forward. Contact me to learn more!



Mainly for the web, I can create SEO-optimised website content, blog articles, Facebook ads (most formats), Google Ads (SEM and Display), EDM (direct mailers) and many more!


Voice overs

Female voice over services for both Bahasa Malaysia and English. Demos available upon request. Works done include documentary reading, e-learning and short advertisements.


About me

Patricia Pinto is a copywriter based in Malaysia. She spends most of her waking hours writing ad copy and strategising content direction at her day job. In her free time, she writes stories, mentors new writers and offers voice-over services.


Prose-ACK’s Chap Fan on sale!

Prose-ACK’s first book is now available as a ebook on Google Play! Get your Chap Fan poetry fix at just USD0.99.

PatriciaVoices on a new site

Hi!, formerly home of the podcast Just A Few Minutes, now lives here. Had some issues with the domain and hosting and have decided to redirect it here permanently. Will update the e…

Quickie review: WriteNext

[Note: NOT A PAID REVIEW, so pardon the preamble] So I received a comment on one of my older articles about alternatives to 750words. WriteNext is the brainchild of Diana and Stefan Neculai, previo…