Short things learnt during MCO

Metal ring against a blue keyboard background

This being a post to compile some surface level random thoughts about changed habits and the like during Malaysia’s Movement Control Order (MCO).

  1. Summerfields’ Cafe Latte (expensive as it is) restocks around the weekend. Tentatively should be Thursday to Friday (went on Saturday and there were only precious few bottles left at the supermarket).
  2. The new Samsung Keyboard update is stupidly borked – previously in handwriting mode, if I wrote across multiple lines, it would treat the entire thing as a single sentence of line. For example, when handwriting:

    My handwriting can only
    fit this many
    characters on the screen

    The keyboard would intelligently treat the entire thing as a single sentence and output “My handwriting can only fit this many characters” aka it’s a normal sentence.

    However, after the latest update, it becomes:
    My handwriting can only
    fit this many
    characters on the screen

    Instead of a single line. This is super frustrating and very annoying to correct, especially when you consider that I usually do around 200-300 words on a good day with the S-Pen alone.

    And to make things worse, they added some shortcut punctuation on the right hand side which is fantastic… except I’m right-handed and that’s where my palm is so guess who’s adding punctuation she doesn’t need by accident? They could have just implemented an option to allow the punctuation to swap over to the other side to prevent these kinds of things from happening AND make use of space. -_-
  3. I like coffee to start my day and yes Nescafe is way too weak for me now. Been drinking Super’s White Charcoal Roasted White Coffee and sharing with the husband. My routine is to drink iced coffee in the morning so I’ve been making it the night before and then chilling it in the fridge. No, putting ice isn’t an option as I don’t want to dilute it much.
  4. I’ve been writing a lot more personally and a lot less for work. The latter mainly to mean I don’t handwrite a lot of my drafts which is something I used to do in the office. I have been journalling more – I find I have the energy to write an entry or two every few days instead of leaving my poor journal for weeks.
  5. A work habit I’ve been calculating is to check in on the morning with my Creative Director and colleague on work to be done. I usually begin my morning greeting with a “here’s my top 3 tasks for the day” but if I have more than that (which happens more frequently than expected) I’ll usually prioritise them in order of perceived completion speed. Keyword here is perceived.

Whelp this turned out to be longer than expected. We’re in technically phase 3 of the MCO (day 30-I-don’t-really-know-anymore) and adjusting to this new… normal has been a revelation, to say the least. But that’s an entry for another day.

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